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Hello, I'm Brianna — a devoted wife, mother, and an ardent horse enthusiast. Alongside my family, I'm proud to call a sprawling 40-acre ranch our home, a haven not just for us but for a lively array of farm animals. Our days are filled with the crazy responsibilities of raising cattle, goats, and chickens, each creature adding its own unique charm to the vibrant tapestry of ranch life. But our passion doesn't end there. A significant portion of our land is dedicated to a cause close to our hearts: rescuing pregnant mares and mares with foals that are run through the kill-pen pipeline. In our spare time, we open our gates and hearts to these majestic animals in need, providing them a sanctuary and a second chance at life. This blend of family life, animal husbandry, and horse rescue captures our commitment to nurturing all forms of life, big and small, on our small ranch.

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With a camera in hand, each click captures not just images, but little pockets of wonder, transforming ordinary scenes into enchanting visual stories.

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